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Limited Lifetime Plating Warranty

Revolution Performance offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) Plating. This is a manufacturer’s warranty that covers adhesion issues of the plating only. Conditions or events not covered by the Limited Lifetime Plating Warranty:

  • Damage to the plating from machining that is not performed by Revolution Performance
  • Damage due to improper engine assembly
  • Damage due to detonation or extreme lean conditione
  • Damage due to extreme cylinder temps in excess of 400F (204C) from cooling failure or external heat sources like welding or powder coat baking
  • Component failure of any kind
  • Improper or inadequate maintenance procedures
  • Physical impacts
  • Specification Guarantee:

  • Revolution Performance is committed to quality work. Revolution Performance offers a guarantee that all work performed on cylinder, cylinder heads, cranks, or other engine components are within industry or customer supplied specifications. This guarantee is extended until the part is installed.
  • If you receive a part that is not within specification, contact us immediately and we will pay for the item to be shipped back to Revolution Performanceand we will correct the problem free of charge.
  • Revolution Performance is not liable for damage to parts beyond the part serviced by Revolution Performance due to specification or sizing issues. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the specifications are correct before the part is installed.
  • Damaged Cylinder and Cylinder Head Repair:

  • Specification Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Plating Warranty apply to all cylinders and cylinder heads. but due to variables beyond Revolution Performance control, we offer no warranty on repairs performed on previously damaged parts. Welded and machined cylinders, water jackets, skirts, exhaust bridges, combustion chambers, and other repair services carry no guarantee beyond our Specification Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Plating Warranty.
  • Cylinder Head and Engine Assembly:

  • There is no warranty or guarantee on rebuilt engines when Revolution Performance does not perform the final installation or tuning. If Revolution Performance performs final installation and tuning, we offer a 30 day / 500 mile workmanship warranty on services performed.
  • There is no warranty or guarantee on cylinder head assembly service. All specifications and setting should be checked before installation.
  • Parts:

  • Revolution Performance offers no warranty or guarantee to any part or service not manufactured or performed by Revolution Performance. The only warranty that may exist is the warranty extended by the parts manufacturer. This includes OEM parts, pistons, cranks, cams, valve train parts, and gaskets. Please contact the specific manufacturer for any warranty information or claim.
  • Warranty Procedure:

  • Revolution Performance warranty is for function only. Warranty does not cover physical damage, or misuse.Revolution Performance is not liable for any damage to either person or personal property resulting from the use of the product/service. Revolution Performance extends a warranty only to parts manufactured or serviced by Revolution Performance.
  • All warranty claims must be accompanied by the original receipt or invoice number and completed warranty return form in order to be eligible for a warranty claim.
  • Warranties are non-transferable and meant for the original owner only. Returns will only be accepted from the original owner with proof of original purchase.
  • Warranty claim parts must be returned to Revolution Performance possession before any replacement can be shipped out.
  • Each Revolution Performance product and service is only eligible for one warranty replacement. Once an item has been warranted the replacement item only holds the remainder of the warranty period of the original item purchased.
  • All shipping charges to Revolution Performance, insurance and any damage incurred during shipping for any and all warranty claims is the customer’s responsibility. If the item is determined to be defective, Revolution Performance / Revolution Performance will pay for return shipping of the replacement item back to the customer (within the continental US) by ground shipping only. If the item is found to be NOT defective, or the item originated outside the continental US, shipping back to the customer will be at the customer’s expense.
  • Revolution Performance reserves the right to deny any and all claims if all conditions and terms are not met.