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Revolution Performance 117" Victory Motorcycles Big Bore Service Kit

(Fits 2008-2017 106" Victory motorcycles)


    117" Big Bore Service Kit comes with:

  • Larger bore cylinders. We turn your 101mm cylinders to 106mm
  • Forged 10.5:1 compression ratio flat-top pistons
  • Cometic head and base gasket kit
  • Victory made one heck of a motorcycle and the aftermarket largely ignored it. Maybe because it was so good stock? Revolution Performance knows how good the 106” Victory is and with just a little more displacement, how great it could be! The new Revolution Performance 117” Victory Big Bore Service Kit increases the standard bore from 101mm to 106mm yielding a new displacement of 117”. When combined with our CNC head port, exhaust and tuning we have seen gains of more than 30hp and 17ft-lbs of torque.

    The 117" Big Bore Service Kit requires no other engine modifications to install but can benefit from our other products and services.

    Recommended Services:

  • 117" Victory Motorcycles CNC Cylinder Head Porting Package

    ***NOTE: Compression ratio is dependent on the cylinder heads combustion chamber volume***

    ***NOTE: Dyno chart represents 117" Big Bore Service Kit, Loyds cams, D&D Slip-On exhaust***

For questions on our big bore kits, please contact our sales technicians directly at: 1-866-892-2109 M-F 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CST.

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