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Revolution Performance is a state of the art machine shop with complete bottom end machining, modification, and assembly services. We offer a complete line of crank case modifications for precise installation of modified parts. We can also combine our Crankcase Services with our industry leading Crankshaft Services (link) for a bullet proof bottom end with superior reliability.

    Case Boring: (Twin Cam, EVO, Sportster) - $349.95

  • Monster Big Bore Engine builds require extensive crank case modification and proper clearance for reliable assembly. Revolution Performance correctly bore cases to accept our Monster Big Bore cylinders so you can assemble your engine with maximum confidence.

    Cam Clearance Service: (Twin Cam, EVO, Sportster) - $134.95

  • Large camshaft (.650+ Lift) installations require the engine cases to be accurately machined. Revolution Performance can accurately modify your cases for perfect, worry free cam installation

    Bullet Proof Short Block Service:

  • Combined with our industry leading Crankshaft service, The Bullet Proof Short Block Service is the ultimate bottom end assembly. We machine and upgrade all crank (timken) and cam bearings (Torrington), install new studs, install the freshly modified crank, and seal the cases for maximum reliability.
  • This service includes all bearing machining, bearings, installation and assembly. Crankshaft service, casing boring (if required) or cam clearance (if required) would incur extra cost.
  • If you are buying new Revolution Performance Cylinders and sending your heads for one of our CNC Cylinder Head Packages, we can also assemble the complete long block assembly or the entire engine to be sent back ready to install. Learn more about our Engine Assembly options HERE .

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