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Revolution Performance Victory Motorcycles Stock Cylinder Head Maintenance Package

(For all stock Victory motorcycles)

Revolution Performance offers a complete suite of best in class cylinder head maintenance services including CNC valve jobs, seat/guide replacement, and digital combustion chamber repair. If you want maximum performance and reliability from your engine, precise CNC cylinder head maintenance is a must. Revolution Performance uses state of the art digital CNC machining technology like the Newen BB Contour Turning center and Centriod A560 5-Axis CNC Center.

    Specialized Cylinder Head Services:

  • CNC Valve Job (per head) - $104.95
  • Replace Seats and Guides with CNC Valve Job (per head) - $199.95
  • Replace Guides with CNC Valve Job (per head) - $119.95
  • Replace Seats with CNC Valve Job (per head) - $179.95
  • Digital CNC Combustion Chamber Repair (per head) - $398.95
  • Replace Individual Seat with CNC Valve Job - $79.95
  • Replace Individual Guide with CNC Valve Job - $60.95
  • CNC Valve Job Single Seat - $55.95
  • Machine for Manual Compression Releases (per head) - $54.95
  • Machine for Automatic Compression Releases (per head) - $114.95
  • CC Combustion Chamber (pair) - $54.95
  • Surface Grind Head - $89.95
  • Resurface Valves (per valve) - $5.46
  • Complete Head Assembly (pair) - $45.00

  • ***Prices are for labor ONLY. Parts needed will be determined after inspection.***

For questions on our cylinder head packages, please contact our sales technicians directly at: 1-866-892-2109 M-F 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. CST.

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